The Joker – Archetypes of Men

In the third of our Archetypes of Men series, we take a look at the Joker - playful, humorous but also insightful and honest...

Archetypes of Men

In the royal court, the Joker or Jester was always consulted and trusted for his ability to bring a ‘real life in the moment’ reflection without covering up for personal gain. Although the responses were often covered in playfulness and humour, there was always assumed to be the ‘cold hard truth’ that no one else would tell the King.  

Even if the tricks and jokes may result in unpleasant results, the intention of the awakened Joker is to use the tricks to point out shadowy sides and hidden agendas.

With a core desire to live in the moment, the Joker is able to bring lightness and joy to the lives of others. This is a result of the ability to laugh at himself, the ridiculousness of life and hypocrisy in an acceptable way.

The talent of the Joker is to reveal these things to us. It is not only the joys that the Joker can joke about, we can also be led to tears as the tricks and games often poke deeply into the hidden wounds that we cover.  

The truth hurts

When not using clear judgement, the negative side of the Joker’s approach can seem hurtful.  The stories told can cross lines of etiquette and social standards and can lead to being cast out or sent away. The Joker also is an easy escape or deflection from emotions and deeper layers of consciousness. When placed in situations where depth and sensitivity are called forth, the Joker can easily slide away with a quick one-liner and avoid healing on the more profound layers.

The Joker off the mat

My teacher Aadil talks about a simple formula for living.  Keep Joy > Effort!

During these Joker weeks, pay close attention to your relationship with effort and be sure that everything you do has some joy in it. If there is no joy, why are you doing it? Even difficult work, when done for the RIGHT REASONS, has joy.

If you catch yourself caught up in the effort without joy, make a shift somehow.  And remember not to take yourself too seriously! Also, take note of these body, mind and soul tips:


  • Make a conscious effort to make at least three people smile every day.
  • Bring joy and fun to mundane tasks.


  • At least three times this week, reflect silently to yourself if the part of you that pokes fun at other people’s weaknesses or vulnerabilities is done with hurtful intention.


  • Sit in stillness for at least 3 minutes, 3 times a week and smile… literally… with your lips turned upwards (make it a sweet one so it has some reality to it… not overly exaggerated but from the inside).

Week 1 of The Joker archetype

  • Practise ‘The Joker‘ video at least three times in the first week to let the words and concepts sink in. 

Week 2

Practise these videos as your energy allows:

  • The Garden of Delight – a 40 minute seated Hatha yoga class which targets the energy channels of the feet, ankles and knees. For all levels.
  • Stillness is the Root of All Movement – a 60 minute, Vinyasa flow class include variations to open the shoulders & arms, connecting all movements back to the core. Level 2.
  • Serious about Serratus – a strong 70 minute class, beginning with an anatamy lesson and working up to Forearm balance to find full engagement of the Serratus Anterior. Level 2/3.

– Asthanga Standing balance poses clinic – a 10 minute class with Clayton Horton that offers tips to the help with challenging balancing standing poses. All levels.
– Practice is Play – a 20 min talk from David Dodd exploring the playful side of our work and yoga. 
– Discover your inherent joy – a 45 minute Yoga Nidra class with James Reeves asking what connects us to our deepest, truest self.

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