The King – Archetypes of Men

Based on the Archetypes of Masculinity by Carl Jung David Lurey explores the King archetype through yoga.

king pose ypga practice

The mature King

In his great power the King has positive qualities of being a community-based leader, offering clear guidance to the people in his ‘Kingdom,’ and organising the many aspects of life into a clear and logical order. Able to tap into a deep wisdom to be a moral leader to others, the King can rule with a broad social vision and discernment. Integrity is a key quality of the King and he mends broken relationships, keeps his word, acts with honesty, and takes responsibility for his actions.

He is who he says he is; he doesn’t have one set of principles for Sundays and one for the rest of the week.

The immature King

When abused, the power of the King leads to greed and dominating control, switching from the role of provider to one of generating fear or scarcity. Lack of consciousness of this power easily turns great Kings into Dictators. It’s an important responsibility for a leader to also maintain humble pride.

The King off and on the mat

Embody ‘the King’ and be sure to take the lead when the opportunity appears. Then, use your role as the leader to find ways in which you can empower others and bring out their greatness instead of boasting about your own.

You can find ways to be generous in words and actions, to have a community around you that thrives and is all-inclusive.

The King off the mat

For those following “The 5 archetypes of men” programme, take these body, mind and soul tips with you through both weeks of “The King” 

  • Body
    – Stand tall with a humble pride (in your body) … all week long. In line at the bank, talking to friends, etc… Use your posture emulate The King.
    – Look people in the eye with a sense of interest and depth.
  • Mind
    – Clearly identify somewhere in your life where you are asked to lead others and observe how you use the power given to you. Write it down and reference it through the week.
    – Find specific ways to empower others and highlight their greatness. Note your method and results.
  • Soul
    – Define on paper and then embody the traits of a true leader in your eyes.

The King on the Mat – for EkhartYoga members

This is the recommended schedule for those following “The 5 archetypes of men” program

Week 1 – Practise ‘The King’ class (above) at least three times in the first week to let the words and concepts sink in.

Week 2 – The Second week, practise the following videos as your energy allows:  

Some other recommended classes and talks

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