The Magician – Archetypes of Men

In the fifth and final part of our Archetypes of Men series, we present the Magician - intuitive, knowledgeable, mysterious...


Remember when you first saw a magic trick?  The wonder of how someone could have access to secret powers or mastery of manipulation, knowledge of secrets and hidden knowledge…

The awakened Magician is able to use mastery of his own realm to seem as if he is holding great wisdom not accessible to everyone. Rooted in meditation and thoughtful reflection, the magician is closely connected to his intuition and is able to make spontaneous decisions when necessary … out of thin air.

The power of the Magician also lies in his ability to work with moderation of information. Today’s society expects immediate answers and instant solutions.

The Magician is deeply aware that if too much wisdom is given too quickly, it loses its value. The knowledge the Magician holds is a link between the seen and the unseen. Connected to spirit and and highly respectful of the teacher / student – master/disciple relationship, the Magician steps into a legacy of passing great wisdom through the ages.

As a shadow side of the Magician, we must take care to avoid detached manipulation.  With great power, comes great responsibility and ‘magic’ can easily become a tool to inflate the ego, take advantage of others and become detached from other people.

The Magician off the mat

For EkhartYoga members following the “Archetypes of Men” programme

These weeks, keep all eyes open – the external eyes that watch the world unfolding around you, and the internal eye that leads you to make appropriate decisions in life.

Just as each of us has a Magician inside, we can also be tricked or fooled by others and their skills of deception. Keep close awareness of your reactions and responses to the requests of others. When they feel right, Great! When they feel off, question your motivations.

Also, take note of these body, mind and soul tips:


  • Eye Yoga to help see what is really there! 


  • Acknowledge somewhere in your life where you have a ‘mastery’ of insights or wisdom and honour that. Then do something to build upon your current ‘mastery’ … an exercise, course, routine that reinforces what you already know and do.


  • At least 3 times per week, sit in a quiet place without distraction for at least 15 minutes to explore your inner world.
  • Create some ritual or rite of passage for yourself for completing this programme – you deserve it! – and honour the great lineage of men you have stepped in to. It can be short and simple or longer and profound, but give yourself dedicated time to do it; do not just ‘squeeze it in’ to the week somewhere.

The Magician on the mat

Week 1 of The Magician archetype

Practise ‘The Magician‘ video (above) at least three times in the first week to let the words and concepts sink in.  

Week 2

Practise these classes with David as your energy allows:

  • Fly High… Land Soft: arm balances – learn a series of powerful arm balances in a step by step way – 70 min, all level, Vinyasa flow class
  • Classical Shoulder Stand Sequence – advanced inversion sequence of shoulderstand and variations for students who already practise shoulderstands – 40 mins, level 2/3, Hatha class (watch the video BEFORE doing it to avoid turning your  head while in the pose!) 
  • Milking the Tongue – quick oral hygiene lesson with cleaning and massaging the tongue – 10 mins, all levels, yoga therapy
  • Moving through the pelvis – this 60 minute, all levels, Vinyasa flow takes the legs in many different directions to open the pelvis.

Also recommended:

  • A naked meditation – learn to be comfortable with your body, your appearance, learn to love   yourself – 25 min meditation with Andrew Wrenn (*no nudity featured ;-))
  • Bhujangasa & Simhasana – warding off demons –  we practise Cobra / Bhujangasana and Lion Pose / Simhasana. Savagely fierce animals and challenging asanas! – level 2, Hatha class with Olav Aarts
  • True Meditation: Awakening to now – Jeff Foster discusses the idea of meditation as who we truly are – the wide open space of awareness – 20 minute talk

Read about the other archetypes in this series:

  • The King – discover how the properties of the King manifest themselves in immaturity and maturity.
  • The Warrior – protector, disciplinarian and decision maker; a call to bring this being into action to    maintain a sense of loyalty to things that are really worth fighting for.  
  • The Joker – playful, humorous but also insightful and honest… 
  • The Lover – emotional, sensitive and romantic – sometimes a territory that’s uncomfortable to explore

You can find all the current classes of this programme here

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