Top 10 hands-free yoga classes

Are you looking for a dynamic yoga practice without putting weight on your hands? Here's a selection of our best wrist-friendly yoga classes just for you.

wrists friendly yoga

These classes are ideal if you have wrist, elbow or shoulder injuries but still want the benefits of an energising Vinyasa flow class. Some will have weight in the forearms while others have no weight in the arms at all.

1. Hands-free yoga flow – Esther Ekhart – 40 mins

A strong yoga flow with no Downward Dogs, Planks or Chaturangas. Instead, you’ll practise lots of balancing, leg strengthening and Pranayama and you’ll feel like you had a proper yoga workout.

2. Lateral bend practice – Sandra Carson – 25 mins

This practice of lateral (side) and forward-bending poses will help you open the spine, side body and inner thighs in a progressive sequence of standing poses which build up in intensity. 

3. A wrist-friendly flow – Anat Geiger – 35 mins

Anat takes you through a flow of standing poses and core work without over-taxing your wrists. Creative, strengthening and with zero Chaturangas!

4. Wake up the body and move energy – Jeff Phenix – 20 mins

A vibrant, invigorating little class to get everything moving – especially the legs. Short, sweet but very effective.

5. Sweet wrist-free flow – Jennilee Toner – 42 mins

Join Jennilee in this lovely wrist-friendly practice. A “subtly energising and empowering class”, according to one EkhartYoga member.

6. Wrist-free flow – MacKenzie Miller – 35 mins

This well-balanced class from MacKenzie involves a LOT of challenging work. Your core, shoulders and legs will thank you for having done this class – but prepare to sweat!

7. Free wrists and shoulders – Francesca Giusti – 30 mins

Francesca gives some tips and ideas for when you want to practise a Vinyasa flow class and keep moving, without putting too much pressure on the wrists and shoulders.

8. Peace flow – Nichi Green – 50 mins

Nichi’s class for experienced yogis will take you to a deep place of stillness. Using Anjali Mudra (hands in prayer position) throughout in both standing and seated asana and keeping the shoulders soft.

9. Energise and refocus the mind – Esther Ekhart – 20 mins 

A dynamic series of standing poses with no Chaturangas or Planks and just one Downward Facing Dog. This is a perfect class – great if you have wrist or shoulder injuries.

10. Light of the heart – Sandra Carson – 1 hour

An oldie but a goodie! A strong, flowing class holding your hands in Anjali mudra (reverse prayer) to keep the heart space open while moving through the Vinyasa Krama.

More wrist-friendly yoga

You’ll find the wrist-friendly filter on the Browse all classes page where you can also filter by teacher, duration, level and style. Here’s a quick link to: all wrist-friendly yoga classes.

If you have any other class suggestions you’d like to share, or you have some requests for classes with specific themes, please let us know in the comments below.

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