Try these 5 minute breathing exercises for mini-moments of calm

Esther Ekhart shares her easy breathing exercises you can practice anytime, anywhere for instant relaxation.

5 minute breathing exercises

We all know that stress fuels some of the biggest health problems of our time – 1 in 3 people suffer with the symptoms of stress such as anxiety, tension, fatigue, digestive problems, and the inability to concentrate, to name a few.

Working with your breath is one of the most powerful ways to alleviate stress and to calm the system down. Because how we feel influences our breath – and how we breathe influences how we feel.

How we feel influences our breath – and how we breathe influences how we feel.

Breathing techniques (known as Pranayama in yoga) don鈥檛 have to be complicated. Just a few minutes of observing your breath can make all the difference to your stress levels. So I鈥檝e put together some short classes of breathing techniques you can practice wherever you are – no matter what is going on around you. They only take 5 minutes and you don鈥檛 need any equipment.

5 minute breathing exercises

There are six different breathing exercises and for each one there is a short explanation video to watch the first time you try them. I recommend you repeat each technique a few times so that you can feel the different effects of each one. You might like to repeat the techniques at regular intervals during your day to get familiar with the techniques.

yoga for stress relief

When you get to know the techniques that work best for you, the best thing is that they鈥檙e always there for you in your relaxation toolkit whenever you need them.

So whether you鈥檙e busy at work, looking after others, or juggling your social life, I hope you enjoy these little moments of calm.

Esther x

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