What is Expansion?

We explore the broad concept of expansion, what it feels like and how you 'do' less and 'be' more.

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If you have been following our Tune Up and Refresh Programme you’ll remember how we started with ‘cleaning’ ourselves out during the detox week. Next, we worked on strengthening our core and becoming familiar with “old and outdated beliefs” so we can begin to make different choices and let go of what no longer serves us. In the de-stress week we worked on our connection with the here and now. Finally, during the energise week we reaped the benefits of all our previous work and began to enjoy the energy and expansion that we created out of detoxing, strengthening and relaxing.

So what does Expansion mean?

Expansion on a spiritual level means that you have let go of enough unconscious contraction to be present to the here and now.

When that starts to happen you start being conscious of, for example, the touch of the fingers on the keyboard when you type. Being conscious of the breath when you listen to someone and even when you speak yourself. Conscious of the sensation of air on your skin when you are outside, or the sounds around you; conscious of your senses rather than the mind. This is when your energy will begin to shift, to expand.

You will feel you have more energy, but you will also feel like you are expanding – as if you are not merely the physical body, but more spacious inside and out. The strong focus on the story of ‘I, me and mine’ will lessen. The whole idea of a ‘me’ that is doing something will become less prominent and instead, you will experience more of a sense of being. Doing is depleting, but being is replenishing! So if you want more energy, just Be…!

This is a shift – both in how you perceive the world and in the way you focus your energy.

With love,

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