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Welcome Raghunath


15 jul 2014 by Ekhart Yoga

We’d like to say a massive welcome to Raghunath, our latest guest teacher on Ekhart Yoga!

Raghunath visited us recently and filmed a whole series of short powerful yoga classes as well as talks on yoga texts such as the Bhagavad Gita.

His classes were made especially with busy parents in mind - as a father of five children he knows what he is talking about. They are also great for anyone looking for an energizing, uplifting and very fun class.

We asked Raghunath a couple of questions to get to know him a little better...

What is yoga to you?

"Yoga is a reconnection to our higher power, our source. It's a reconnection or a remembrance that we are spiritual beings. We have forgotten that for the most part, through breath and movement we can calm our mind. From there we can tune into deep spiritual intuition, tapping into the God within us."

What’s your yoga style?

"I teach a strong vinyasa based class peppered with spiritual Truth from the ancient wisdom literature of India."

Ragunath in flying crow pose

Raghunath in Flying Crow Pose

So far, what is for you the biggest lesson learned from your yoga practice?

"Let love be the motivating force behind all your actions."

What do you hope to bring to your students through your yoga classes?

"Health, wellness, new found strength and stamina. All done with a placid mind."

Any few words of wisdom to share?

"Honored to be here!"

We hope you enjoy his classes as much as we enjoyed having him around in the studio. His energy and enthusiasm was totally infectious - Thanks Raghunath!

Learn more about Raghunath on his teacher page

EkhartYoga Members: Try out Raghunath’s first online yoga class with us today:

Class: Good Morning Flow - All levelsl, Vinyasa Flow, 30 mins

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