10 yoga classes for neck pain

Pain in the neck? Relieve tension in the neck, upper back and shoulders with these classes.

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1. Sandra Carson Neck Power! 30 mins

Sandra’s therapeutic class includes a mix of floor and wall-based exercises to work on releasing stress in the neck and also strengthening the neck and upper back. Once you know the poses you can do them separately when needed too.
“One day after practicing this class, my neck feels heavenly free.”

2. Jennilee Toner Yoga as therapy: neck and shoulders 1 hour 

This one hour therapeutic flow explores muscles that are tight and/or weak in the neck, shoulders, upper back and chest. Starts with a talk to delve into why these poses work.
“I’m doing this every day for a while… LOVED IT! What a difference between before and after the class… I think even my mood got better.”

3. José de Groot Stress free neck and shoulders 45 mins 

In Jose’s Yin Yoga class you will calm your mind, connect with yourself and release tensions in the hands, wrists, shoulders and neck areas.
“I have lots of chronic neck, shoulder and jaw tension and this practice was perfect. Thank you Jose for a wonderful class”

4. Lisa Petersen Freeing the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders 1 hr 

This Somatics class from Lisa will release, lengthen, realign and balance the muscles of your head, neck and shoulders, freeing up the entire shoulder girdle. 
“When I do a Somatics class I always ask myself why I don’t do more of Somatics, because it is such bliss every time!”

5. Also from Lisa Sitting straight at the office 5 mins 

A five minute check-in for anyone who works at a desk, to help prevent neck issues. Learn what neutral sitting is and change your relationship to your office chair forever. Your head, neck, shoulders and spine will love you for it.  *Only 5 minutes long so non-members can watch this too!
“This is of great help, thank you Lisa. On my favourites list now.”

6. Marlene Smits Express your truth – practice for the fifth chakra 25 mins 

This powerful Kundalini inspired set from Marlene will work on the thyroid, neck and shoulders, as well as your personal expression and communication. The throat is often called our truth centre and this practice can create a beautiful release for those who have not been able to fully express themselves.
“So so helpful thank you. I could feel the tension & sadness leaving my throat chakra as the class evolved.”

7. Julie Martin Evil shoulder openers! 25 mins

Neck pain is often related to tension in the shoulders. These 5 intense shoulder openers are broken down to make them easy to follow. Add them to any practice, warm up a bit first or do at the end of a full practice. 
“Fantastic! After 6 months of neck pain issues I might have found what is going to really help me.”

8. James Reeves Pain in the neck? Practice this! 7 mins

Take the pressure off your neck with this quick strengthening class for the upper back and core. Surprisingly effective in just a short time so you can do this anytime there’s chance to lie down.
“Amazing what you can learn in 7 minutes about a muscle group you thought was unrelated. I will definitely be doing this often. Thank you!”

9. Irina Verwer Quick and easy neck and shoulder practice 15 mins 

Keep it simple and relaxing with this short sequence from Irina. A good one for just before bed or after work.
“Thank you, Irina! I have had serious tension in my neck and shoulders lately and this really hit the spot.” 

10. Dieke Bikker Thai Massage for the arms, shoulder and neck 25 mins

Grab a friend (gently) and share a Thai massage session. Massaging the neck and arms has a healing and relaxing effect on the whole body.
“Thank you so much. That was great and so well instructed, that I as the giver really enjoyed it. My husband (the receiver) is so relaxed he is unable to get up off the yoga mat!” 

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