Top 5 tips to survive the holiday season

Here are my top tips to keep you sane over the holiday season, plus my specially-created 'Holiday SOS' yoga class playlist.

Whether the words ‘holiday season’ fill you with excitement, apprehension or even ambivalence, this time of year can bring up a mix of emotions. Along with all the festivities and fun, the holidays can also be a tough time for many, putting pressure on those spending time with family, or bringing up feelings of loneliness.

So whether you’re celebrating, commiserating or choosing to ignore the whole thing, here are my top 5 tips to keep you sane over the holiday period - plus a specially created SOS Collection for those moments when you need a little yoga time to yourself.

1. Pause...

Take a short pause as many times a day as you can. Just 3 - 5 seconds to allow you to stop, come out of the story in your mind and allow everything to be exactly as it is, can make a big difference. 

2. Go outside

Even if - and I'm speaking on behalf of those of us in the Northern hemisphere - there’s no sun at this time of year, getting outside for a few minutes every day will make you feel better. Take a walk in nature, breathe some fresh air, listen to the birds...

3. Be kind

Try to reach out to a few more people at this time of year, especially those who, for whatever reason, may be struggling. Being kind won’t just make others feel better - it’ll put a smile on your face too!

4. Adopt the mantra: Leave it - Change it - Accept it

When you come across a situation you don't like, ask yourself: Can you LEAVE the situation; i.e. physically remove yourself from it? If not, ask yourself if you can make a CHANGE to improve the outcome? If not - then it is time to relax and ACCEPT it. 

5. Get on your mat every day

Taking a little bit of time out for yourself every day will give you a bit of breathing space and make you an easier person to be around. Why not try one of the classes from my playlist below? 

My Holiday SOS playlist

Esther Ekahrt, Boat pose, holiday collection

This playlist of classes will help you to take time out for yourself during the holiday time in December. Practising them will help you to keep your spirits up and to be the kindest and calmest version of you - for yourself and for those around you. Expect a mix of classes, lengths, teachers and themes - all with the intention of helping you to stay true to yourself and your feelings so you can enjoy these few weeks as best as you can.

With love,



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