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06 mar 2013 by Esther Ekhart

Are you new to yoga? Do you know anyone who wants to pick-up yoga?

Next week we will start a FREE 30 days beginners Yoga Challenge.
We are looking for 3 people, completely new to yoga, to join the EkhartYoga team for 30 days to document their journey through our Beginners Yoga Challenge on this blog.

The Challenge

Join one of our Beginner Programs for 30 days, starting next week. You should practice at least twice a week — three times is great and every day even better, if you can! 

Follow one program at a time. Once you’ve finished one beginner program it’s a great idea to start following another one. That way, you can try out different styles, teachers and find out what suits you best — and you really can learn something wonderful from everybody. Personally I would try them all out if I was starting now, but that is up to you :-) More details on the beginner challenge will follow next week on this blog.

What we need

We are looking for a commitment of one blog post a week, with a short story on your first journey with yoga. Share your highs and lows so others can relate and feel supported by your story! 

What you get

Beside exposure as our guest blogger, you will be given a one-month membership to start with, and on completion of the challenge you will get a free six months subscription to our website.

Go for it

Please let me know, in the comment box below, why you should be one of our three motivators! The three most inspiring comments will be selected.

Lots of love,



Esther Ekhart, News

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