SI-joint and lower back taken care of

Do you want to do something good for your lower back and SI-joint? Then do this practice after having watched the talk 'SI-joint and Lower back' explained. In this session you will be compressing, stimulating and mobilising the lower back and SI-joint. You will learn to recognise which sensations due to compression are okay to feel and which are not while doing backbends, and how to adapt these poses in order to use them therapeutically for the lower back and SI-joint. Make sure you listen to what your body tells you and don't force yourself into anything. If you're suffering from a hernia, consult with your doctor first. Use as many props as necessary to allow yourself to relax enough to handle the gentle stimulation (compression) in the back. This session is not recommended for those who suffer from hypermobility and instability of the SI-joint. Props: bolster, pillow, blocks, blanket.


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