SI-joint and lower back explained

The SI-joint (sacroiliac joint) and the lower back are often areas in the body where people have tensions and/or pain. Even though the SI-joint is easily referred to, not many people know exactly where it and what it does. In this short talk Jose explains what and where the SI-joint is, how densely packed it is with fascia, what happens in the lumbar spine in backbends, and what to do when you suffer from a hernia. Of course you should as well consult your doctor in order for you to practice safely. This talk is an introduction for the practice 'SI-joint and Lower back taken care of' specifically designed to mobilize and stimulate the Si-joint and lower back. This information is good to know, whether you suffer from back pain or are a yoga teacher or a practitioner with a diverse interest.

Interested in learning more about human anatomy with Jose? If so, take a look at her online teacher training course on the EkhartYoga Academy.


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