Warm up your joints before a vigorous flow

Do you want to wake and warm up your body gradually before a more vigorous yoga flow? Are you pregnant and feel stiff in your joints? Then this short session is for you!
Beginning by tuning in and watching your natural breath, noticing what is present in this moment and becoming aware of your tendencies in order to set your intention. Then, on the flow of your gentle Ujjayi breath, you will do specific movements for all the joints of your body to enhance the blood and chi flow, which get stagnated easily during the day. This is also a great way to release any tension accumulated in the body. You will finish in Tadasana pose - completely ready and prepared to continue with a stronger Yang yoga practice if you like. Of course, you can lie down in Savasana instead if this session is enough for you. Different options and variations are offered in order for everyone to benefit from the practice. Props: a pillow and a blanket.


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