Grateful backbending

This class prepares you to open your heart and bend backwards. We open the hip flexors, quads and shoulders and unravel tension from the spine through twists and side bends. So whether you feel backbends are your thing or not, this class will feel good because of the way we prepare the body. Everyone can bend backwards (extension) to some degree. When you find backbends difficult, it just means your body doesn't bend backwards as far as you like it to. However, you can experience the benefits, whatever the degree of your backbend. So join this class and feel the joy that comes from extending the spine! Some of the main backbend poses practiced are: Dancers pose / Natarajasana, Bow pose / Dhanurasana and full Wheel pose / Urdhva Dhanurasana. You will inquire into your deeper reasons for practicing and take that with you in the class. Your body will be grateful! Props needed: belt and something to sit on.


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