Chandra Namaskar - The Moon Salutation

A version of the Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salute) from the Kripalu Yoga tradition. As the Sun Salute works on the forward/backward plane of energy, the Moon Salute operates on the lateral plane and the hips. After a brief introduction, the class goes through three full cycles of the salute (once to the left > once to the right = full cycle). The first one, we hold the poses a bit to feel and explore, the second round a little more movement and the final round is a 'one breath per pose' flow. I recommend following the guided sequence enough times to memorize it and then go out under the moonlight with bare feet and honor nature. She will reward you with inner peace and awareness of our interconnection.

Read more about the Moon Salutation here

Part of the 30/30 Yoga Challenge program


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