Strong prenatal first trimester flow

Are you pregnant, in your first trimester with a regular yoga practice and seeking a challenging prenatal yoga class? Then this Yin-Yang session is for you.
The class begins with tuning in and connecting to the breath and baby in your belly, using deep belly breathing to give your baby all the oxygen, energy and love it needs. Then you will twist and circle the spine to release built-up tension due to your rapidly changing body. Fluid retention or swollen legs can arise during pregnancy, so moving each joint in a certain way can allow the fluid to drain and let chi flow more freely.
Gradually we build up to the stronger part of the sequence, moving the spine and shoulders and working on leg and back strength and flexibility. Strength and flexibility is very important during pregnancy, making it easier to carry the weight as your belly grows. Opening up the side body will also stimulate and stretch the skin, possibly diminishing stretch marks.
Towards the end of the session we come to the floor and practice poses that open up the chest, and belly. Savasana is guided and we end with a short meditation.
Throughout the session remember to stay attuned to what you feel. If in any moment you feel pain, dizziness or nausea, take a moment to rest and breathe. If you want to repeat certain parts to get an even stronger practice, please do. This class will leave you feeling more energised, tension-free and connected with your baby. Different options are given for each pose so you can adapt them to your needs. Props: blanket, blocks, bolster and/or pillow.


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