Getting grounded: an after travel or post-long day at work sequence

Traveling long distances in airplanes means we explore new parts of the world, see new cultures and lifestyles and have a new perspective on daily habits. However, it can also be very taxing on the body. This class is specifically designed to relieve tight hips and lower back which is a common problem with plane travel and finishes with a way to ‘drain’ the energy of the legs. In addition to the physical parts of this practice, there is a pranayama to help ‘get grounded’ and internal affirmations to help come ‘back to earth’.  Although there is a specific focus for the class, it is nice for everyone, even if you have not been in an airplane recently :) In addition to this Yoga class, if you are traveling recently or often, be aware of these other tips:  Stay Hydrated! Avoid coffee & alcohol when crossing time zones to stay hydrated. Set  you ‘internal clock’ to your destination as soon as you are at the airport for your departure.  Use Oil / Lotion on your skin often (sesame or almond are great).  Essential oils of Lavender & Ylang Ylang are nice to keep you founded. Your first meals should be easily digestible like soup. NEEDS:  Bolster

For more grounding travel tips, read David's blogpost here


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