Releasing stress from the head, neck and shoulders

A specific sequence of poses designed to open the myriad of muscles that make up the shoulder joint. Moving the arms in many directions while seated or lying down to create more flexibility and openness. It is a 'relaxing practice' with everything on the ground, but can be 'intense' while creating flexiblity where we often hold stress. If the handstand at the end of the practice is not happening for you now, go to the wall and practice “down dog at the wall.” While facing the wall, bring your palms to the wall at the level of your hips. Walk backwards until your spine / torso are parallel to the floor and press the wall away to great the extension action. It is the same action as handstand without the extra challenge of being upside down! This class works on Vishuddha (Throat) chakra

Try Davids class for the lower back


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