Pregnancy Yoga: relaxation, breathing and meditations.

On the first trimester of your pregnancy it's important to respect the body's need to rest. Have a chair and a few cushions handy and make sure to be very comfortable throughout the whole practice. We become comfortable with the three stages of your breath, moving into a gentle and soothing hand mudra (hand gesture) coordinated with your breath: Mothering Lotus is a graceful hand practice that can help us to accept the many changes that we go through as we embrace motherhood. Ujjayi breathing (the Victorious breath) is then practiced to soothe the nervous system and to become actively aware of our breath. We practice pelvic floor awareness with exercises that will tone up and maintain the health of your pelvic floor. We end up this profound grounding practice with a deep relaxation where the lower legs will rest on the sit of a chair to boost circulation.


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