Mindful mellow flow 1

The Mindful Mellow Flow is designed as a 'gentle' flow practice of movement and breath to help relax and de-stress. We start over the bolster in Supta Padangustasana for some full deep breathing waves to start forgetting the 'outside world' and distractions. Then moving gracefully through waves of lunges, standing poses, seated poses and twists for the hips and lower back with variations included. The final flows include a mellow dancing warriors sequence and deeper hip releases concluding with shoulder openers for balance. After we recorded this class, none of us believed it was really a 60 minute practice as time fades away and leaves you at peace in your innermost places.

Associated classes: Mindful mellow flow vinyasa II and Mindful mellow flow Vinyasa III and Mindful mellow flow 4


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