Awaken your digestive fire

The Digestive Fire (Agni) is awakened in this practice that stimulate the abdominal organs. We start with bringing some circulation in the organs with Marjaryasana/Bitiliasana (cat/cow) posture, to move into a seated twist to relax the abdominal region and to release stress. Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog) relax the gastrointestinal tract while Setu Bandasana (bridge) stimulates and stretches the abdomen. Calming the mind and stimulating the liver and kidneys with Uttanasana (forward bend) and charging the whole body with new energy and stimulation with Uttitha Trikonasana (triangle posture). The final inverted posture Viparita Karani (modification for shoulder stand) refreshes the body allowing impurities to be burned by the inverted direction of Agni.


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