Hip opening leading to Flying Eagle and Flying Horse

A class with the more experienced practitioner in mind. After a few moments of contemplation and reflection, the class begins with a hip opening variation of the Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar a). As free movement is introduced to hips and the body becomes energized, the hip are gently challenged with bound angle posture (baddhakonasan), Wide Legged Forwards Bend (Upavistakonasa), Wide Legged Turtle (Kurmasana) variations and Firefly (Titibasana). In preparation for Lotus (Padmasana) you will lead through Bound Lotus (Baddha Padmasana) into Flying Eagle Posture. For more of a challenge, the class cumulates with Flying Horse Posture (Vatayanasana). A releasing guided relaxation follows to assimilate the different practices.


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