Pawanmuktasana I

This series works on the joints and is designed to release the flow of energy and remove any blockages that prevent the energy to flow freely in the body and mind. Great for people suffering from rheumatic arthritis, high blood pressure and people who need to avoid strenuous/vigorous exercise. The names of the exercises are: Toe Bending, Ankle Bending, Ankle Rotation, Ankle Crank, Kneecap Contraction, Knee Bending, Knee Crank, Half Butterfly Pose, Hip Rotation, Full Butterfly Pose, Hand Clenching, Wrist Bending, Wrist Joint Rotation, Elbow Bending, Elbow Rotation, Shoulder Socket Rotation, Neck Movement.

Part of the Pawanmuktasana 1, 2 and 3 program


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