Full Headstand, straight legs and holding the posture

Part 3 of of Andrew's headstand series.聽
A practice for the more experienced yogi/yogini. After a short mediation to cultivate the right frame of mind, the shoulders and chest are quietly challenged with variations of Hamsasana (Swan posture). The pace of the practice changes as you are lead through a variation of the Surya Namaskar a (Sun Salutation). With the body warmed, the mind focused, the emphasis is then upon the hamstrings and quadriceps as you are guided through Krounchasana (Heron posture).The first visit to Headstand is practiced with the knees bent. The second approach is practiced with the legs straight. According to your own practice you may then join Andrew to hold the Full Headstand for two minutes. After resting, you are invited to ly for a few minutes in Savasana.


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