Advanced yoga lesson: Headstand variations

Part 4 of of Andrew's headstand series.聽
An advanced class for people who are confident with their Headstand / Sirsasana. We begin with a short moment of sitting, to collect your thoughts and find your focus. Then the class starts with a short sequence of warming and energizing postures to limber the muscles and joints as well as visiting some of the familiar floor postures such as Bound Angle Posture and Upavista Konasana and a variation of Matsyendrasna in preparation for the Headstand variations. A few moments are spent in the classical Headstand which then, in different stages leads to Twists in Headstand, Bound Angle Posture in Headstand, Lotus in Headstand, Half Headstand and finally, dropping back from Headstand into Bridge. The class will finish with a Guided Relaxation to balance the bodies energies, to calm the mind and release tension from mind and body.


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