Enhance your circulation

Do you experience cold hands and feet? Then this sequence - during which you will enhance your blood and chi circulation in your extremities (fingers, wrists, toes and ankles) - is for you. Chi and blood flow easily get stagnated during the day, especially if you don't move a lot during the day and as a result you can experience cold hands and feet or swollen ankles and legs. We start with a meditation, followed by deep belly or Ujjayi breath (you can choose), then we move into various Yin poses. Stimulating the fingers, wrists, toes and feet has a strong effect on your body and mind as a whole; all the nerves and meridians start or end in these areas. We end with a guided Savasana to feel the enhanced blood and chi flow. This sequence is great for: those who sit in a chair all day, pregnant women, before a meditation practice, enhancing the chi flow before a Yin or Yang yoga practice. Props required - a pillow, a block, a bolster and a blanket.


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