Guided pregnancy meditation

Would you like to deepen your connection with your baby, prepare for birth and the time afterwards? Then this guided pregnancy meditation is for you. It will help you to relax deeply, tune into your body and connect with the baby in your womb. Being deeply relaxed allows everything to flow more easily, circulating blood with its nutrients and oxygen to nourish both you and your child. Breathing deeply and more regularly has great physical benefits for you both too. Mentally, you'll become more settled and open, enabling you to focus on your baby. Emotionally, you're more available to bond with your child and tune into its presence and energy. Being more tuned in will help you to communicate with your baby, prepare you both for birth and the life your baby will arrive into. Your baby's father can also join in. When you're guided to become aware of the baby inside you, he can also do this. Listening together will enhance your connection with each other, prepare you both for the arrival of your child, and help you bond with your baby. Props: bolster, blanket, pillow, blocks and possibly a chair. Before doing this class, you might like to watch my talk 'Effortless meditation poses'.


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