Thoracic Park

The middle of the spine is the source of great tension or fluidity. The vertebrae attached to the ribs are the thoracic spine and due to those attachments to the ribs, mobility is limited. This multi-faceted practice will activate your shoulders, intercostal muscles and big, upper back muscles. We will twist and turn and isolate movements to build strength and cultivate awareness of the thoracic spine.  Rather than flowing from one pose to the next, this practice moves from one exercise to the next.  Some of the exercises are tough… do what feels appropriate for your body and return to the class from time to time to see how you are evolving with strength and mobility in this important part of your skeleton. We finish with a bit of wall work so if you can find a wall for this - great!  If not, it's the last piece of the class so you can skip it until you find one. You'll need two blocks, a belt, blanket and the aforementioned wall. You can now practice David's sequel, Thoracic Park II - The back is back!


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