Mind-melting, mellow flow with music

Flowing with grace and embodied breath, let's allow the music to transport us away from daily challenges.  This practice is a mellow flow with lots of internal and external hip rotations, some standing and seated poses and nice little ‘Camel flow’ in the middle. It's recommended for those who are already practicing flow style yoga, but everyone will get something out of it.  From lying on the floor, we wave up and down, then move into some backbends and balances. The class ends with a relaxation over blocks with a soundtrack to help you float away.  Please have two blocks or a bolster to hand.

Please support the musicians who share their music with us in this class:

The Hanumen - Invocation
Praful & Spirited Tribe - In Earth We Trust
Luis Paniagua - Sin Escaparme
Human Experience - Slips Away
Raio - Cuñaq
The Beloveds - Grateful
Mirjam - ITO
Auk - Colorado
Taz Rashid - Shukran
Josh Brill - Inward
Manish Shrestha - Peace in Mind
Aukai - Distracted by Clouds
Aukai - Barely Above


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