Ocean breath explained

The ocean breath is a specific way of breathing and can also be used in some of the other breathing techniques. Sit upright or stand up. Start by placing your hands on your ribs, fingers pointing forward, thumbs pointing back. As you breathe in, expand the ribcage on four sides but keep your focus on the back of the ribs.

  Imagine you are trying to fog your sunglasses for cleaning. You would naturally make a soft, “haahhh” sound. Try that now... Then try to make this sound on both exhalations and inhalations. As soon as you feel the feedback of your ribs expanding against your hands, you can let your arms fall on your lap or by the sides of your body. Remember, you want to keep feeling that expansion to 4 sides of the ribcage. At first, do the ocean breathing with your mouth open, until you can create the soft sound of the waves habitually, without thinking about it. After that, you can try making the same sound - but with your mouth closed. The rhythmn is as follows: Count to 4 on the in-breath - pause for 1 count. Breathe to 4 on the out-breath - pause for 1 count.


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