Wind down and digest your life

In this class you will learn about the Earth element from the perspective of Chinese medicine. Jos茅 explains how the Earth element is manifested inside you and how you can stimulate the related organs, Spleen and Stomach, and their meridians using various poses. In doing so you will improve not only your physical digestion, but you will also digest emotions and thoughts, letting go of worry or circular thinking. To aid this process we use the Lion's breath and Yin poses that will open up the front part of the legs, hips, torso and throat. This session will leave you feeling more grounded, connected and spacious. Everyone can benefit from this class - it's also great for women who've had a baby as their digestive system needs to go back to normal again. Different options are given for each pose, so you can adapt them to your needs. Props needed: blanket, blocks, bolster and/or pillow.


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