Empowerment series, class 4: Become your own leader

Building on the previous classes which focused on learning and accepting whatever you feel and respecting your boundaries, this class will take you to the next level of empowerment! As you fine-tune alignment with your inner landscape of feelings and emotions, you are getting into the driver's seat of your life. Learning to listen carefully and then taking responsibility for expressing yourself in the healthiest and most 'serving' way. This class is an invitation to do just that! We start and end this class with a mudra, do some opening breath work and the asana will give you the opportunity to feel and respond. With lunges, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Eka Pada AMS, Virabhadrasana II, Trikonasana and more. Have two blocks ready for this class.
Class 1: Learn to feel
Class 2: Accept to feel
Class 3: Respect your limits
Class 5: Live your truth

Read Sandra's beautifully written article to accompany this class.


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