I can't get my heels to the floor; what now?

Do you have difficulty getting your heels on the floor in poses like Malasana (Squat), Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog), Virabhadrasana I and II (Warrior I and II)? Have you been practicing these poses for a while but nothing changes? Then this talk is for you.
José offers anatomical information on the ankles, which will help you understand what creates the difficulty in getting those heels down onto the floor, what you can do to change it and/or which adjustments you can make. You will see that besides tension, the shape of your bones (the talus bones) also determines the range of movement you have in your ankle joints. This information can allay your frustration, as well as shed light on the assumption that the heels won't go down simply because your hamstrings are "too tight".

If you'd like to train online with José, check out her 50-hr certified Yin yoga training on the EkhartYoga Academy.


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