I find the Splits challenging: Help!

Do you have difficulty with Hanumanasana (the Splits)? Does it cause you any pain in the lower back or in the groin and hip? Have you been practicing this pose for a while but nothing changes? Then this talk is for you.
Jos茅 offers anatomical information on the hips, which will help you understand what creates the difficulty in keeping the hips straight while you have one leg extended to the front and one backward. She also explains what you can and cannot do to change this and which adjustments are possible. You will see that besides tension, the shape of your bones (the hip sockets and the rim of the socket) also determines the range of movement you have in your hips. This enlightening information can allay your frustration, as well as shed light on the idea that the hips should be aligned straight forward.
Look out for Jose's accompanying practice, 'Moving mindfully toward Hanumanasana'.


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