Mindfully moving towards the Splits

Would you like to be able to do the Splits (Hanumanasana) without hurting yourself? Before you do this class, it's helpful to watch Jose's short talk: 'I find the Splits challenging: help!' This will deepen your understanding of the function of Hanumanasana and what might be limiting you in the pose (tension or compression).
In this class you will practice poses that gradually open up the tension in your hamstrings and hip flexors (muscles in the groin area). Flexibility in these areas are necessary to be able to do the Splits. Apart from tension you can encounter compression in your hips and lower back so modifications are offered. In order for you to still get the benefits of Hanumanasana, you need to let go of the ‘perfect picture’ of the pose, and feel and listen to your body. When approaching Hamunanasana, being playful, mindful and accepting is the way forward.
Props needed: bolster and 3 blocks.


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