Back, shoulder and neck tension - be gone!

Do you have a tired, tense and sore back, shoulders and neck, and practicing yoga doesn't seem to ease it? Then this session is for you!
Using 4 tennis balls and 2 socks (I'll explain how we use these at the start) we apply acupressure and deep tissue release in specific areas along the spine. We start in the lower back and work our way up to the neck and shoulders. Be playful in how to position your body in order to find the juicy spots. If it's too intense, move away from the area a little, so you can relax more. Relaxation of the muscles we target is essential so that the pressure of the balls and gravity can work their magic. The idea is to completely surrender and let go. While tension is released, stored emotions can arise too; just allow them to come (and go). At the end we will slip into Savasana right away, so make sure you are comfy and warm when you practice. This is a great class to do before going to sleep.
Props: 4 tennis balls and 2 sport socks, a pillow or bolster and a blanket.


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