Happy shoulders, neck, back and face

Do you want to soften your face and release tension in your shoulders and neck? If so, this long Yin session combined with Lion's Breath (Simhasana pranayama) is for you!
We begin the class with Lion's Breath to release tension in the face, jaw and neck. This will also increase the blood and energy flow into the face, which has an energising and softening effect. We continue to use Lion鈥檚 breath throughout the practice to remind us to relax the jaw and face and to calm the nervous system down. We'll also practice some gentle movements for the eyes, jaw, neck, shoulders and back; these are followed by long-held, Yin poses to release these areas even more. We end with Savasana using tennis balls to release tension in the the upper back. Different options and variations are offered in order for everyone to benefit from the poses.
Props needed: pillow, bolster, blanket, 4 tennis balls and 2 socks.


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