It takes courage to let go

In this class you will learn about the Metal elemental energy from the perspective of Chinese medicine. Jos茅 explains how Metal energy is manifested inside you and how you can stimulate the related organs, Lungs and Large Intestine, and their meridians using various poses. In doing so you will improve not only your respiration and boost your immunity, but you'll also clean out old negativity and make space for something new to enter your life. Letting go of attachment to people, past situations or things takes courage and acceptance and may well bring up sadness. To aid this process of letting go and acceptance of what was, we use the Nadi Shodana with retention after the exhale and Yin poses that will open up the chest, shoulders and upper back. This session can give you the opportunity to really let go. If sadness arises in the process, please allow it to be expressed. At the end you will feel more free, spacious and tolerant. This class is suitable for everyone and different options are given for each pose, so you can adapt them to your needs.
Props needed: blanket, belt, bolster and/or pillow.


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