Help I feel pain in my knees; what now?

Do you experience a sharp pain in your knees when practicing poses like: Meditation positions, Saddle (Supta Vajrasana or Supta Virasana) Bananasana (Supine Ardha Chandrasana), Shoelace & Square (Gomukasana), Swan/Sleeping Swan (Rajakapotasana), Butterfly (Baddha Konasana), Deer, Dragon (Anjaneyasana), Dragonfly (Upavistakonasana) and Squat (Malasana)? Then this sequence is for you.
You will learn what creates the pain in your knees, and what you can do to avoid it by making various adjustments. We start with a meditation, focussing on the knees and becoming aware of any sensations there. Then we practice the above-mentioned poses where alternatives and adaptations are offered. You will need: pillows, bolster, belt, blanket and blocks. Before doing this sequence, check out my tutorial, 'Avoid pain in the knees'. 


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