Avoid pain in the knees

In this talk José takes a look at the anatomy of the knees and explains how you can avoid injuring them during your yoga practice. You will learn that besides tension, the shape of your bones (femur & tibia) also determines the range of movement you have in your hip and knee joint. There are no 'knee-opening' poses in yoga and you should not feel pain in your knees during your practice - however, it's common for people to experience this while practicing hip opening poses. José explains how you can avoid it by giving you more insight into how to open up your hips safely. You can practice all you've learned in Jose's class 'Help I feel pain in my knees; what now?

Would you learn more about how to adapt (and teach) yoga poses? Check out Jose's online 50-hour Yin yoga teacher training on the EkhartYoga Academy.


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