Beauty in life - Music flow

This music flow practice invites you to find beauty in life through movement and breath. We will begin with rolling the joints and some rolling on the floor. The middle section includes some lunge variations and standing poses, then we’ll make our way back down to the floor for some backbends and a ‘floaty’ finish. This is a mellow flow with some challenging pieces so make it fit with your energy today. Please support the following musicians by buying their music as well as following them on streaming platforms:

Rising - Josh Brill

Midnight in the Darbar - Stevin McNamara

Reaktion - Carbon Based Life Forms

Nataraja - John William Bauld & Bobbiji

Shiva - Josh Brill

Afternoon Sun - Desmond Cheese

Rising from Sleep - Stevin McNamara

Soulseed - Ashirvad

Water Healing Mantra - Praful

Beauty in life - Music flow

Beauty in life - Music flow

media image David Lurey

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