Let go of control - talk

Part 3 of The Super Sleeper Series
Many of us have a fear of not being in control when we sleep so we are unable to relax, and therefore sleep problems arise.  This fear of not being in control can be rooted in all kinds of reasons often from long, long ago. We may have developed patterns to protect ourselves from this fear such as sleeping lightly or not at all. As adults, something may trigger these feelings again and revive these defensive patterns even if they are no longer helpful. In this talk, Taetske explains how to help with this there needs to be a shift from needing control, towards making yourself available to the gifts and mysteries of life.
Sleep is one of these gifts of life; you have no control over it, you can only make yourself available to it.
This class goes with: Let go of control - meditation. If you enjoy Taetske's teachings please also check out her Clarity week in November in Germany.


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