Dancing with the Moon

Another music flow class that moves and grooves. Follow David and Lindy through this sequence that peaks with 'Dancing Half Moons’ with all the hip opening and balancing preparation waves to get you there. This class also touches on the philosophy that like the moon, our changes in mood, energy levels and interactions come and go… and simply are as they are. The standing waves will work the legs, spine and shoulders and we’ve got a few twisting surprises hidden in there for you as well.
The music from this class comes from the artists below. Please support them and buy their music rather than just streaming on Spotify. They are all independent musicians doing great things.

Kasha Kollective - Narmada Moonrise
Oneness Sound - Sat Kalimba
Jamshied Sharifi - Sacred Stone
DJ Krush - Surya
Random Rab - Blast Off
Marti Nikko & DJ Drez - Making Space
Random Rab - Falling Tao
The Human Experience - Unharnessed
Tina Malia - Hare Krishna
Random Rab - Rain on the World
Random Rab - Dune’s Lullaby
Sathya - Om Ram Ramaya
Pedro Collares - Mantiqueira


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