Deepen Yin with Ujjayi breath

Do you want to learn how certain poses can be practiced in different ways while still stimulating the area you want to target? Then this Yin class - a preview for my online Yin Teacher Training out now - is for you!
As you are practicing with other students this time, you will see how everyone approaches poses differently. The variations and options offered by José will also give you new insights and ideas into how to adapt poses you are struggling with. Adapting poses to suit your body will enable you to feel their full therapeutic benefits. 
This practice works on the inner thighs, the front of the legs, hips, torso, and the bum muscles. Stimulating the inner and outer parts of our legs and torso can be very intense, so be aware of the emotional effects it can create. Guided by the Ujjayi breath throughout will deepen your experience and also turns on your parasympathetic nervous system which is your rest-digest system; you will finish this class feeling relaxed.
Props: blanket, pillow, blocks, bolster.


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