Slow flow Yin Dragon

This class is great to do in the morning before eating anything and will get you ready for the day. We begin with some Kapalabati and Nauli breath. Then we warm up slowly - moving with the Ujjayi breath to feel the chi move in and around the body - to get the stiffness out of the back, neck, hips and shoulders. (You can also do this warm-up separately and repeat it if you wish.)
After that, we move into the more vigorous, Yang-ish Dragon series, in which you are encouraged to experiment with the different poses to discover your own possibilities. It consists of: different kinds of Warrior poses, wide stance twists, balancing, and back bending variations.
We finish with some Yin poses to cool the body down and release any built-up tension throughout the Yang session. We end with a guided Savasana and optional meditation.
This practice will leave you feeling energised, sweaty and open if you do the whole session. But you can also choose to do it in three parts: Kriya and warm-up; dragon session; Yin session. Props needed: pillow and blocks.


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