Psoas, Iliacus, Piriformis & Quadratus Lumborum: talk & tutorial

This class begins with a lecture on the muscles that stabilize and move the lower back and hip (femur bone in ilium). Jennilee will discuss how conditioning and habitual patterns can aversely affect the psoas (deep hip flexor), iliacus (hip flexor), quadratus lumborum (stabiizer of the lower back) and piriformis (deep external rotator of the femur). 

Then follows a tutorial-style floor Hatha practice on the four muscles discussed in the lecture. This practice will have us strengthening, stretching and massaging the muscles of lower back, hips and through the front of the belly. 

Read more about these muscles in Jennilee's article: The Psoas, Iliacus, QL and Piriformis - Connecting the back and hips


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