Contraction and expansion - dynamic flow with music

This advanced flow practice to music is a delight for those who like to move a bit slower, get a bit deeper, push a little stronger and lean into the edges. We start with 5 minutes of sitting with an amazing mantra sung by Jai Uttal, and then start to pick up the pace slowly and gradually through Sun Salute variations. Waves of standing poses mixed with hip openers, arm balances, inversions and more… The theme of internal pulsation from contraction to expansion is weaved throughout and reflects the space that David was in on 9th of November, 2016… the day after election day in the USA when he was quite contracted in the heart but still here to record classes! Enjoy the deep long and slow groove with some advanced poses and the balance of contraction and expansion from start to end.

Special thanks to these great musicians for sharing their music for this class. Please support their generosity and buy some of their tracks. Click on the links below to go directly to the artists' music:


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