Hotel room yoga - Traveller's delight part 3

When you're on the road a lot, your hips, neck and shoulders will crave some TLC. This class will help you with that. However, it's not only a delicious practice when you're travelling, but also when your body feels tight in the morning, if you spent a day behind a desk or when you're just in need of a nourishing and energising practice. Because space might be limited when you're travelling this entire class can be practiced in any hotel room - as long as you have some space to unfold your mat. You don't need more space than that. Also, if you didn't bring a mat on your trip, no worries: this class can easily be practiced without one - on the hotel room carpet, on a large towel or on the floor. You'll be guided through some delicious hip openers, restorative backbends and poses that will make your shoulders, back and legs very happy.


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