Dragon flow - extended version

If you enjoy Suzee Grilley's Dragon series but would like some variation then this Dragon Flow is for you! I've added organic movements to the sequence and extra poses to challenge your strength, balance and flexibility even more. Moving on the Ujjayi breath you will creatively move and play with your body, feeling its liquidity. You are encouraged to place your hands and feet anywhere and experiment with the different poses to discover your own possibilities. The idea is that you feel the effect of the poses all over your body, but you have to experiment to get the effect in the area you want to experience it. You can make this session as long and sweaty as you want - just repeat both sides until you have had enough.
It consists of: different kinds of Warrior poses, wide stance twists, balancing, and backbending variations. You will finish with a yin pose to cool the body down and we end with a guided Savasana and optional meditation. This session will leave you feeling energised, sweaty and open if you do it all. If you have extra time, try my 'Warm up the joints' class before this practice.
This session is great for yogis who like to play, but also for pregnant yoginis in their first and second trimester who have a regular yoga practice. You will need a pillow and a blanket.


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