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Experiencing body, breath and mind

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Experiencing body, breath and mind

Yoga can be defined as: the great union of body, breath, mind and spirit, in harmony with the Earth, all cosmic energies and the Universe ... and the magnificent merging of each individual self with the Grand Divine Totality of All Life. It is ever-present within each and every one of us, guiding and surrounding each and every moment. In this meditation, we explore the body, breath and mind, as well as becoming familiar with the part of ourselves that is the “experiencer” of the body, breath, mind, and all of the experiences in our lives.

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Class by

Teacher: Tracey Uber Cook

Tracey Uber Cook

Teacher: Tracey Uber Cook
Level: All Levels
Style: Meditation, Restorative
Specific use: Spiritual theme, Stress reduction
Duration: 10 min

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